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Centaline Club
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Silver Member Any Person
Gold Member Any person who had sold / purchased / leased / rented residential or commercial property in any country (except car park) through *Centaline Group

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Terms and Conditions


Silver MemberAny Person
Gold MemberAny person who had sold / purchased / leased / rented residential or commercial property in any country (except car park) through *Centaline Group
  1. Applicants/Members must apply for Centaline Club’s membership/upgrade of membership through a nominator, such nominator must be a staff of Centaline Group who is a holder of Estate agent’s licence/Salesperson’s licence( Hong Kong) or Licença de agente imobiliário/Licença de mediador imobiliário (Macau). (Centaline Property Members registered via Centanet can become a silvern member of Centaline Club without nomination).
  2. Both membership applications shall fulfill all the requirements stated in Membership Application.

*In these terms and conditions, Centaline Group refers to Centaline Property Agency Limited (including Centaline Commercial), Centaline Macau Enterprise Limited and Centaline Immigration Consultants (HK) Limited.

Upgrading Membership: Silver member can apply for upgrade to become Gold member through a nominator once he/she sells/purchases/leases or rents residential or commercial property through Centaline Group.

Membership Application

  1. Unless otherwise specified, applicants shall apply the membership through a nominator.
  2. Applicants must be 18 years old or above.
  3. Membership will be valid for such period as the Club may specify from time to time.
  4. Membership is free of charge.
  5. Membership is non-transferrable.
  6. Each person shall obtain one membership only at the same time even he/she has property transactions through Centaline Group more than once. If any duplicated application is found, the Club will terminate the duplicated membership card without prior notice.
  7. Property owners, confirmors, people who signed Preliminary/Formal tenancy agreement can apply for Gold Membership.
  8. If the transaction was proceeded with a company name, only 3 directors could be nominated to be the Gold members from each company (They must be the directors of the respective company at the time of signing Preliminary Agreement for Sale and Purchase/Formal Sale and Purchase Agreement or Tenancy Agreement and their identities of directors must be registered legally according to the company law).
  9. If there is nomination or change of purchaser/tenant during the transaction (not including confirmor transactions), clause 7 is not applicable. Only the person/company that finally completes the property transaction can apply for Gold membership.
  10. Applicants guarantee that all the information in the application from is true, correct and complete.
  11. Our Company has absolute right to reject any membership application.
  12. Membership application shall be subject to our approval and all members shall accept and comply with these terms and conditions. Once the application is successful, members will be bound by these terms and conditions automatically.
  13. If the information stated in the application form is incorrect or we are unable to contact the applicant, such application will not be accepted.
  14. Members have no voting right as to the organization, operation or management of the Club nor any right in or any claim over any assets of the Club.

Membership Card

  1. Each member will be issued an electronic Membership Card (“the card”)upon acceptance of the membership application.
  2. The Card may only be used by the member to whom the Card was issued and is non-transferrable.
  3. Members may be required to present other identification documents for verification of identify when using the card.
  4. The Club/ Centaline Group shall not be responsible for any loss arising from the disclosure of membership card information to others by members themselves.
  5. The Card remains the property of the Club/Centaline Group at all times, we have the right to cancel and/or terminate the membership without giving any reason.

The Programme, rewards and offers

  1. Members shall present the card to the respective merchants for rewards and offers. Some of the merchants may request to record the membership card number, members shall cooperate with the merchants.
  2. The Club/Centaline Group and the merchants cooperating with us reserve the right to change the benefits, offers and features of the Programme, the rewards and offers without prior notice. The Club/Centaline Group shall not be responsible for any loss arising from such changes.
  3. The Club/Centaline Group gives no warranty in relation to any rewards and offers provided in connection with the Programme.
  4. Members shall present the membership card when attending our activities. Members shall bear responsibility for the own safety.
  5. All the rewards and offers provided by the merchants will be bound by the terms & conditions and policies of the merchants. Any warranty claim in respect of any rewards should be directed to the merchants and the Club/Centaline Group shall have no responsibility in respect of it.
  6. The rewards and offers provided by the merchants in this Programme may change from time to time, the Club/Centaline Group shall not be responsible for any loss arising from such changes.
  7. In case any merchants or shops refused to provide the goods or services promised relating to the membership programme, the Club/Centaline Group shall not be held responsible but will provide assistance to the unreasonable cases.
  8. Special promotion activities (eg. lucky draw) shall be bounded by respective terms and conditions.
  9. All the rewards and offers of the Programme are not redeemable for cash.
  10. Awards and Offers become invalid if not used within the validity period.
  11. Centaline Club Members can become Centaline Property Members simultaneously. Memebers can use the same phone number to log in Centanet.

Return or Cancellation of Membership

  1. Any member who intends to cancel the membership shall notify the Club in writing. If any member has conducted in any way injurious to the Club/ Centaline Group or prejudicing the interests of the Club/Centaline Group or has committed any breach of these terms and conditions or use the Card improperly, the Club/ Centaline Group may expel the member form the Club and our decision will be final. We will notify the member such termination via post or email.
  2. If any Member breaches or we have reasonable ground to believe that member has breached these terms and condition, we may suspend or terminate the membership and/or seek to recover any damages that such breach may have caused to us or the merchants.
  3. A member who has cancelled or has been expelled from the membership shall cease to have any rights, benefits or privileges of membership.

Termination of Operation of the Club

The Club/Centaline Group shall have the right to terminate the operation of the Club at their own absolute discretion without giving any notice or reason. Upon the termination, all rights and privileges of members shall be ceased. Members shall not file any claim or demand any loss or compensation arising from the termination against the Club, Centaline Group, the directors, shareholders, management or staffs.

General Terms

  1. The Centaline Club is managed and operated by Centaline Group.
  2. Membership is not redeemable for commission deduction or other benefits.
  3. Members shall not organize any activity with the name of the Club.
  4. No member shall make use of the Club/ Centaline Group and the information or documents provided by the Club/ Centaline Group for any commercial, immoral or illegal purposes.
  5. The Club/Centaline Group shall have no responsibility or liability whatsoever to any members or any other person for any loss, damage, costs, charges or expenses of any kind howsoever(whether directly or indirectly) caused or arising as a result of or in connection with the member’s membership of the Club.
  6. The Club/Centaline Group reserves the right to require a member to reimburse us of all costs and expenses incurred by it in the provision and/or delivery of any information or documents requested by the member.
  7. These terms and conditions are governed by the law of HKSAR. If any provision of all terms and conditions is found to be invalid or unenforceable by a court of law, such invalidity and unenforceability shall not affect the remainder of the terms and conditions which shall continue in force and effect.
  8. If the Club/Centaline Group does not act in relation to a breach of these terms and conditions by a member, this does not waive our right to take action in respect of such breach in the future.
  9. The Club/Centaline Group might make changes to these terms and conditions from time to time without prior notice. The latest version of these terms and conditions will be available on the Club’s website, members shall be bound by such changes. If any member disagrees to the changes, the member can cancel the membership in writing.
  10. If there is any inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions of these terms and conditions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

Personal Information Collection Statement

Each applicant is required to supply all personal information requested in the application form in order to enable the Club to consider the application. We may be unable to process the application if the applicant fails to do so.

The personal information provided by applicant shall be used for the following purposes:

  • to process application for membership;
  • to verify identity, keep record and maintain contact with member;
  • to deliver information to Members , such as new services and products and other promotions and marketing materials;
  • to contact the members and to respond to members’ request;
  • to analyze/evaluate and improve the services/or offers we provided;
  • to meet any requirements to make disclosure under any applicable law;
  • to serve any other purpose which applicants or Members may agree.

Direct Marketing

The Club intends to use the members’ name, telephone number, Centaline APP installation identification code, fax number, e-mail address and address for providing information of real estate properties, mortgage services, and membership services and activities provided by Centaline Club. But we cannot so use members’ personal data without consent.

If Members do not wish to receive direct marketing promotional information from us with respect to the products/services mentioned above, please contact our Customer Service Hotline 2522 8220 or by post to the above address or by fax: 3475 0293 or by email to

Members have the right to request access to, and correction of, their information held by us, by paying us the reasonable charges incurred by us in relation to administering and complying with request. If Members need to check whether we hold your personal information or if Members wish to have access to, correct any information which is inaccurate, please write to 10/F., Wharf T&T Centre, Harbour City, No. 7 Canton Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon (please remark: Centaline Club).

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